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Frank Koss, Hinesburg Police Chief

On February 1, 2014, the Hinesburg Community Police took occupancy of a new 3500 square foot building built by Dave Pratt of Millbrook Building and Remodeling.  Having never been the police chief involved in a new building before, it was a challenge made considerably easier by Millbrook.

In 2013, the Town of Hinesburg requested a bond for 1.1 million to build a new police station.  The bond amount was based on an estimate provided as part of the design process.  After the bond passed, the updated estimate was $120,000 higher than before the vote.  This clearly put the project behind even before ground breaking.  Millbrook won the contact and from the first meeting, became a significant player in cost reduction and suggestions to help the town save money.  In the end, the actual building was under budget but due to needed furnishings an additional $11,000 was needed.

As far as a time line, the bond was passed in March.  The town waited 30 days for any possible appeal and then began accepting bids for the contract in August.  Millbrook was selected and approved to break ground around October 1, 2013.  Except for minor outside work that will be completed in the spring, the building was completed in just four months.  The quality of work is exceptional and during the project, requested minor changes were many times made without additional cost. 

I cannot emphasis enough my satisfaction with Millbrook and I would recommend them for any project.  I would encourage anyone with questions to contact me and I will always be happy to show off our building.

Dr. Michael R. Deweese

Superintendent of Schools: Chittenden Central Supervisory Union

I am pleased to comment on our supervisory union's successful experiences with Millbrook Building and Remodeling (MBR). Our recent projects with MBR have included:

In each example our experience with MBR has been very positive. MBR has proven its capacity to fiscally manage each and every project. Our experience has been very positive with the firm as its representatives understood and respected the unique requirements of our schools and our immediate school community. In the cases of work occurring proximate to children and our employees, their record is soundly appropriate. MBR has been very responsible in honoring our school district's expectations, our policies, and our schedules.

In each example, MBR has met deadlines and budget. In the specific case of the superintendent's office conversion into administrative space, MBR satisfied the deadline with a month to spare!

My team has been extremely satisfied with the workmanship demonstrated by MBR, its management of its subcontractors, and with its eagerness to perform post construction warranty details. MBR's bookkeeping, communication, and liaison functions have been timely and professional.

We will continue to welcome MBR's interest in our schools' future projects.

Our Chief Operations Officer (Grant Geisler and our Property Services Director (Bruse Murdough) are available for any details questions you may have about our experience with MBR. Each may be contacted through my office number or address above.

Penny Miller of Gardner Kilcoyne Architects

During summer 2007 our firm completed restroom renovations with Millbrook Building and Remodeling for the Wiliston Central School. From the bid process through the shop drawings and punchlist, Millbrook kept everyone moving quickly and efficiently to being about a finished product in a considerable reduced time frame. We relied on David Pratt and his team for creative ideas to moderate the cost of the project and bring it within budget; they suggested and executed a resourceful plan for rebuilding the masonry walls that saved almost $10,000. On top of that, their crew worked cleanly with minimal impact to the surrounding school area throughout the summer, which was greatly appreciated by the staff.

We have heard only positive comments and praise for the restroom renovation project and feel that Millbrook played a critical role in creating that success.

Dan Noyes of Richmond Home Supply

I have known Dave Pratt for many years both as a Contractor who has provided services for my company, Richmond Home Supply, and as a customer who purchases my building products. We have always found Dave and his entire staff to be very experienced and professional. Millbrook Building & Remodeling has proved to be an excellent fiscally responsible customer.

Several of the projects that Millbrook has completed for us is the expansion of our current retail store and also the construction of a 3,500 square foot addition to our storage building. Both Projects were completed to my satisfaction. They were completed within the estimate time frames and within the budget projected. I would definitely call on Millbrook for any future projects.

I would highly recommend Millbrook Building & Remodeling, Inc. for any construction projects that you have in mind. I know that you would be please with the actual construction work performed and the integrity that is such a part of their business.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of additional assistance to you.

Thomas Wood of Time Line Architecture Incorporated

Millbrook has completed for us 6 projects over the last five years. These projects have ranged from the Learning Center at Mount Abraham Union High School which was completed in June of 2003 to the Rectory and Parish office renovation for Immaculate Heart of Mary Perish in Williston, which is just being completed now.

The completed projects have all been renovations of existing buildings. Millbrook completed every one of these projects on schedule and several he completed ahead of schedule. I feel that Millbrook is uniquely qualified for Renovation work because they have the ability to self perform many of the required trades. This gives them an ability to keep on schedule and complete projects on time, not being dependent of Sub-Contractors all the time.

At the IHM project which I mentioned above Millbrook self performed the Excavation, Concrete and Masonry parts of the project in addition to the typical Demolition and Carpentry work that you would assume. This, in my opinion made their original proposal more competitive than the competition that bid on the work. The saving's allowed the Owner to expand the scope of the project and complete some additional work that they thought they would not have the money to complete.

In closing I have always been very satisfied with the quality of work that Millbrook has produced. They have always been on time and budget and very sensitive to cost overruns. Which we all know is the big concern with renovation projects  Dave Pratt has always been very positive and very much a team player when unforeseen conditions arise, and there is a need to adjust the scope of work. He has always had a suggested solution and he has always been very fair with his pricing. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave Pratt and Millbrook Building a Remodeling for any work that you are considering. 

Jeffery Metcalf of Burlington Housing Authority

Millbrook Building & Remodeling has successfully completed a wide rage of project for the Burlington Housing Authority (BHA) since 1992 totaling more than a Million Dollars. Projects have ranged in size from Hundreds of Dollars to just shy of Half a Million. Some Examples of projects completed include:

Throughout our working relationship with Millbrook, we have been impressed with the wide range of capabilities  quality, attention to detail, ability to work within HUD Guidelines, complete work within occupied buildings and cater to the needs of our tenants. BHA has enjoyed working with Millbrook Building & Remodeling, and we look forward to working with them again on future projects. Feel free to contact either myself or John MacDonald, Director of Asset Management for a reference.

Tom Peterson of Peterson Consulting, Inc.

I first met Dave in 1989 when I was serving as the Housing Rehabilitation Specialist for the Burlington Community Land Trust (now the Champlain Housing Trust), a large regional developer of non-profit, perpetually affordable housing. Over the course of eight years in that position I was responsible for bid and contract administration for housing rehab projects. During that time, Dave bid on and won several of these contract. I found Dave and his crew to consistently provide a rare combination of capacity, compassion, skill, and value to our projects.

Today, as a Capital Project Consultant and Owner's Representative, I am responsible for bid and contract administration for a variety of clients. In this capacity I am please to know that Dave Pratt is still providing the level of service that I came to appreciate over twenty-one years ago. I know for a fact that he is a valued resource for a large number of project owners. I can honestly say that one would be hard-pressed to find a contractor who works harder than Dave Pratt. To put it simply, he delivers.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.