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St. Joseph's Villa

The Joseph's Villa was built on land previously owned by Bishop L. DeGoesbriance, known as Trinity Campus. Before it was bought by UVM it was a home for the elderly that was built on the site of an old farmhouse that moved away from the road's edge and constant traffic. From 1925 to 2001 the Trinity campus was home to a private Catholic college that was founded by the Burlington, Vermont chapter for the Religious Order of the Sisters of Mercy. During that time the school offered a liberal arts undergraduate degree program for women. In the last twenty years of its operation, Trinity also enrolled adult students of both genders in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

In 2013, UVM sent invitation for renovations and Millbrook was the successful bidder. This project is a short-term job also known as a summer screamer. The work that is to be completed by Millbrook and their subs includes, Concrete work, metal handrails, insulation, EDPM roofing, Doors, Windows, Painting, Flooring, Specialties, cabinetry and counter-tops, and Electrical work.