Englesby House

The Englesby House was designed in 1914 by Wilder and White Architects in New York City. The original owner of the house was Dr. William Englesby. William practiced medicine from 1899 to 1933 when he died. After William's wife died in 1956 the home was willed to UVM. The home was then used as a dormitory for women until the new president, John Fey, arrived in 1958.

The Englesby house was then remodeled and has since been home to the succeeding UVM Presidents until 2001. Since 2001 the build was vacant. 
Today, the renovations begin once again to restore this home into a livable space for the new UVM president. Millbrook has been a major part of the renovations to restore this house to a livable state. The renovations have consisted of three different phases:
  1. Exterior
  2. Interior
  3. ADA Access and Interior Improvements
Millbrook Building & Remodeling, Inc. has been the successful bidder on all three projects. These projects included work on sitework, Masonry, Concrete, Metal Handrails, Doors and Hardware, Finishes, Specialties, Casework, Mechanical, and Electrical.