Commercial Projects

UVM Projects:

This historical Queen Anne style building has had two very distinct chapters. The first chapter, from 1892 to 1919, as the home of Edward Wells, who lived in the home with his family. Edward Wells was the president of Wells, Richardson & Co. of Burlington. The homes construction was completed by the Christmas of 1892.

The second chapter began in 1924, after being vacant for five years it then served as a University of Vermont (UVM) frat house for Delta Psi until 2003. On October 3rd, 1979 the house was added on to the National Register of Historic Places.

Today it is being renovated for a third chapter as the UVM's Alumni House. 

The Alumni house site will create a significant four-acre presence for alumni's on the west side of the campus. It will be a place that alumni can use as a place for annual events for years to come. UVM hopes that 61 Summit Street will always have a welcome mat out for alums, parents, and friends whenever they are visiting.

Wheeler House
Wheeler House was constructed as a home for John B. Wheeler who served as the president of UVM in 1842. After retiring at the age of 51 from his presidency at UVM he continued to live in the house until his death in 1862.

The house remained occupied by the Wheeler family until 1943. After the family moved out rumors led the community to believe that there were plans to demolish the home and build a housing development in its place. Alumni and friends of UVM raised the funds to buy the property and donate it to the University in 1944. 

After acquiring the property it was transformed into the Wasson Infirmary for Pearl Randall Wasson who was the first Dean of Women at UVM. In 1975 the infirmary moved to East Avenue and the Wheeler House then became the home of the History Department. In 1974 The Wheeler House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

2012, the Wheeler House is still home to the History Department and Historic Preservation Program.

Englesby House
The Englesby House was designed in 1914 by Wilder and White Architects in New York City. The original owner of the house was Dr. William Englesby. William practiced medicine from 1899 to 1933 when he died. After William's wife died in 1956 the home was willed to UVM. The home was then used as a dormitory for women until the new president, John Fey, arrived in 1958.
The Englesby house was then remodeled and has since been home to the succeeding UVM Presidents until 2001. Since 2001 the build was vacant. 

In 2011 - 2013, the renovations begin once again to restore this home into a livable space for the new UVM president. Millbrook is part of the renovations to restore this house to a livable state. 
 UVM Grasse Mount Grasse Mount was designed in 1804 for Thadeus Tuttle, a local merchant. Later it became the home of Cornelius P. Van Ness who was the Governor from 1823 - 1826.
In 1895 Grasse Mount was acquired by UVM and became a dormitory for Woman Students. Grasse Mount is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
UVM was remodeled several times throughout the years; in 1850 a belvedere was added to the roof, in 1870 a second story addition was added to the south side and further additions were added including the sun porch and porticos.

In 2013, the renovations were made to repair some areas of the flooring, trims, plaster, and other work to help preserve and maintain the buildings artistic attributes.

St. Joesph's Villa
The Villa was built on land previously owned by Bishop L. DeGoesbriance. The building was originally a home for the elderly that was built on the site of an old farmhouse. From 1925 to 2001 the campus, Trinity, was home to a private Catholic College  for the Order of the Sisters of Mercy.
It is unknown what renovations this building underwent over the years because of the status of the building.

In 2013, renovations were made to the building to update doors, windows, flooring, painting, plumbing, and electric.

State of Vermont Projects:
Vergennes Train Station
Vergennes Train Station was built in 1849 and is Vermont's oldest train station. It was built in the northeast corner of Vergennes shortly after the railroad between Rutland and Burlington began serving passengers. During the period that the train station was built Women and Men were often segregated. As you can see in the photo there are two doors on the first floor. The left hand door was used by men where as the right hand door was used for the women.

In 2012, Millbrook started the move and restoration on this wonderful train station. Millbrook and its employees successfully finished the exterior restoration in 2013 and the interior will be bid at a later date. The State of Vermont is hoping to find an occupant for this building when it is complete.

The Housing Foundation, Inc. Projects:
Hilltop Town Houses:
Hilltop Town Houses consist of four apartment buildings with (8) one bedroom, (28) two bedroom and (8) three bedroom apartments. Each building has it's own laundry room. It is owned by The Housing Foundation, Inc. and sits on the top of Montpelier on the Berlin line.

The job includes but is not limited to, exterior work including roofing, siding, sitework, concrete, interior work including, drywall, painting, flooring, mechanical and electrical.

The work also includes an addition to building B for a handicap accessible Laundry room.

Valley View II Housing Associates, L.P. Project:
Valley View II Apartments

Valley View II Apartments is a project located in Vergennes, VT it's a 12 unit building that houses the elderly.

The Project consists of renovations to an existing 12 unit apartment building, including all new kitchens and interior finishes, new sprinkler system, new boilers and heat distribution, and solar panels.  Exterior renovations include new continuous rigid insulated bonded to OSB, new siding, roofing, windows and trim.  Site work includes new concrete patios, site lighting, site drainage, regarding, and repaving.  A small addition is planned to accommodate the new water service entrance. 

Housing Vermont Projects:
Rail City Family Housing
Rail City Family Housing consists of four low income apartment buildings. 101-99 Fairfield Street, 61 Lincoln Ave , 94 Lower Welden Street, and 100 Lower Welden Street. There are 31 units total in the four buildings.

This job includes, but is not limited to sitework, concrete, masonry, carpentry, insulation, roofing, siding, doors, windows, flooring, painting, drywall, casework, mechanical and electrical.

Burlington Housing Authority Projects:
South Square Apartments
This project consists of the limited renovations of a 65 unit apartment complex in Burlington, VT. Work includes but is not limited to: Demolition, paving, concrete, masonry, gutters, insulation, roofing, access panels, windows, drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, resilient and carpet flooring, painting, toilet & bath accessories, vanity tops, mechanical, and electrical
Avenue 7 Community House
Avenue 7 Community House consists of two apartments. This is a new building in Burlington, VT.

This project includes, but is not limited to excavation, concrete, carpentry, insulation, roofing, siding, doors, windows, flooring, painting, drywall, casework, mechanical, sprinkler, and electrical work. This project is projected to be completed in July of 2015.

Vermont Military Projects:
Camp Ethan Training Site Buildings 121, 122, and 125 are three buildings at the range in Jericho, Vermont that are used for training purposes. These three buildings house dorm rooms, exam rooms, and offices for the trainees at the range.

The job includes but is not limited to tank removal, concrete, roofing, insulation, EIFs, drywall, painting, flooring, casework, appliances, Mechanical, and Electrical.

Mountain Battalion and Act of Nature Repairs

Mountain Battalion Armory: Second Floor addition, room renovations and miscellaneous general improvements including mechanical, and electrical systems upgrades.

AON:  The project includes repairs to Building 302 – Mountain Battalion, Building 303 –Army Mountain Warfare School, Building 304 – Instructor Barracks and Building 305 – Mountain Drill Hall caused by flooding.  Materials including finish flooring, base, wood trim, doors, gypsum board, wood framing and associated materials are being abated under separate contract. These items are being replaced with flood resistant finishes under the project.

Other Projects:
  Spectrum Youth and Family Services has been offering shelter and support to at-risk and homeless youth since 1970.

Spectrum Serves youth from ages 14-21. In 1970 the local Ecumenical Action Ministry founded Shelter Action which later became known as Spectrum Youth and Family Services. SOS Spectrum One Stop, a shelter that provides eligible clients with the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. There are other services which include employment and job-skill training, education, life-skills training, mental health and substance abuse counseling, mentoring, violence intervention programs, juvenile justice, and street outreach.

Today, Spectrum is still operating with hope to rehabilitate the youth of Vermont.

Community Lutheran Church
The Community Lutheran Church is one of the oldest and largest congregations in Vermont. The congregation started in 1952.

Millbrook's involvement in this project includes the renovations to the Sanctuary Roof. The renovations have Millbrook remove the existing roof and underlayments. There is also new fascia work, venting and flashing to be added. Insulation is to be added to the attic partitions. An Electric heater will also need to be installed.

Barre Housing: Washington Apartments and Tilden House

         Washington Street Apartments (left photo) was renovated in 1970, but parts of the building are over 100 years old. There are 49 apartments in the building that house the elderly and disabled. 

The Tilden House (right photo) was built in 1973. There are 79 apartments in the Tilden house that house the elderly and disabled.

Millbrook renovated some apartments, in both buildings, from two single side-by-side apartments to a larger one bedroom apartment. Bathrooms and kitchenette are to be entirely replaced. Six apartments were to under go the renovations. One set of the units will include exterior work to replace existing sliding glass doors on a concrete curb with a swing door and no curb. The units will also feature fully accessible roll in showers. 

Jolley Wagon Wheel Car is located in the northwest portion of the state at the Jolley Wagon Wheel Truck Stop in St. Albans. The Car Wash was built from the ground up on site with help from our contractors.

Work included but was not limited to, sitework, concrete, masonry, framing, drywall, painting, flooring, specialties, mechanical, and electrical.

Swanton Town Garage was built to replace the current public works garage that wasn't meeting the demand of the town trucks. Swanton is a small town in Vermont located in the Northwest portion of the state. It was granted by the Royal Governor of New Hampshire in 1763.

Millbrook constructed this building from the ground up which houses several offices, six large bays, and a mezzanine second floor.

Hinesburg Police Station:
Hinesburg Police Station is a new building for the Town of Hinesburg. The building will have a sallyport, evidence room, offices, break room, holding cell, armory, service counter, and an interview room.

The job includes but is not limited to sitework, excavation, concrete, framing, siding, insulation, roofing, windows, doors, drywall, painting, flooring, specialties, furnishings, mechanical, and electrical.

Castleton Fire Station
Castleton Fire Station is a new building with four apparatus bays, office space, and meeting room. This is build is located in Castleton, VT.

The project includes, but is not limited to Excavation, concrete, carpentry, insulation, roofing, siding, doors, windows, flooring, painting, drywall, mechanical, sprinkler, and electrical work. This project is projected to be complete in March of 2015.

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